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Beeson Regenerative Health always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 85 reviews with an average rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Beeson Regenerative Health below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Trinity D.
Submitted 07/03/20
I was hesitant to visit with a chiropractor because I really wasn't sure what to expect or if it would even be helpful. During my first visit with Dr. Beeson, I was blown away by his willingness to listen to my concerns and address the problems at the root cause. After years of having doctors not listen to me or minimize what I was experiencing, I found one that took what I had to say seriously. My issues included mid-lower back pain, pain in my hips, knees, and feet. It was so bad that I was limping and walking with extreme pain just about every time I'd move from place to place. Now, keep in mind that I was skeptical, so I went into my appointment with no expectations of success. After I left my appointment, I felt heard and I surprisingly felt more limber and able to move. I woke up the next day and my limping and soreness was significantly decreased. I had my second appointment on Monday, still not expecting things to get much better than where they were at now, but I was wrong. I woke up Tuesday morning and I didn't even limp anymore and I felt even less pain. I am honestly in awe at the incredible work that Dr. Beeson (and his team) does. I feel so much better already and I've only had two sessions. I highly recommend this location for your chiropractic needs and your medical needs. I also have to give praises and accolades to my doctor here, Dr. Soszka. He has been a huge support since the beginning of my journey with him earlier this Spring. It was because of him that I even met Dr. Beeson. I am feeling very grateful today to be in the hands of life-changing professionals.
Leo R.
Submitted 06/19/20
I've been in a lot of pain over the past year. I went to Beeson and it turns out I had all sorts of bones out of place. He popped those right back in and that night I was able to sleep comfortably for the first time in a while. I've been seeing him weekly and the pain has been getting less and less everytime I go and I can finally see an end to this. I felt at a loss about this for a while and now I see something could actually get done about it! Dan Beeson is also a beast, he's very A to B and gets the job done. The rest of the staff are very inciting and I always feel welcome when I go in.
Dave L.
Submitted 06/17/20
I've been very pleased with the all the care and attention given to me by the doctor and his entire staff. He is very thorough and gives detail oriented and even called me at home after my visit! I mean who does that? Plus he uses state of the art equipment to access that the lifts I had in my shoes from a previous podiatry doctor dealing w a previous accident did not give me the correct amount of lift. We are def making headway and the massage along with ultrasonic treatment for my back helps a great deal. Feel like I'm being treated like royalty!
Lisa L.
Submitted 06/11/20
Dr Beeson is the best! The list of spinal issues I’ve had is longer than my arm. I’ve been through physical therapy, acupuncture, spinal injections, massage therapy, traction, nerve stimulators, every medication you can think of short of opioids, at least 10 other chiropractors (due to no longer living in Oregon), and all of them combined aren’t as good as Dr. Beeson’s care. In fact, they’re not even close! The first thing I plan during my trips to Oregon is appointments with Dr. Beeson. I call before I even buy a plane ticket, because if he’s not available than I’m not coming. Thank you Dr. Beeson, or as my dad calls you, St. Beeson, for the miracle worker you are. For a long time I didn’t think I could possibly go on with the pain I was suffering from, and now I don’t have to.
Donna K.
Submitted 05/19/20
Initially I came in with knee pain that was improperly diagnosed. I was in quite a lot of discomfort when I walked into the clinic without an appointment. With the help of Dr. Beeson the causes unraveled & I received treatment from both Beeson, & later an orthopedist. I had a very large Baker's Cyst. The treatments provided great results & I am now walking again without pain, without surgery. But most surprising of all was unrelated to my knee. I had been having pain in my right side for quite a while that my General Practitioner deduced was due to back issues. I do have scoliosis. Dr. Beeson recognized my problem was related to a weak gall bladder. He made back & neck adjustments on my visits & prescribed a BetaFood supplement that I was skeptical about. Currently I am sleeping in any position without pain. I also have renewed energy. My healing came from me arriving at wit's end seeking advice and relief and getting both. I am thankful to Dr. Beeson and his very friendly, professional staff.
Jesse M.
Submitted 05/06/20
I came in feeling a lot of pain and discomfort and left feeling light and relieved !!
Jim S.
Submitted 03/19/20
Dr Beeson knows his field VERY well so handles me well. Neck adjustments to relieve tingling in hand. Surprising how the neck vertebrate affects the hands. Very little tingling now since I started my adjustments a month or so ago!!! He is good and the staff very friendly.
Jacob H.
Submitted 02/14/20
Before I came to see Dr. Beeson I could hardly put any weight on my right leg. I had a bulging disc that was pinching the sciatica nerve that runs down the leg. I’m now back to my regular activities like skiing etc!! Thank you so much
Linda A.
Submitted 01/24/20
Due to back problems, I had not been able to walk my dog for seven weeks. After three weeks of treatments, my dog and I are back on the trails. I believe with additional treatments I will continue to improve and the walks will lengthen. Watch out Mt Hood, here I come :-)
Wayne S.
Submitted 12/27/19
Mary Ann B.
Submitted 11/21/19
Dr. Beeson is the best chiropractor I have ever been fortunate to have experienced. I was in agony from my chronic back pain and sciatica. I could barely walk! In no time, he had me mobile in just a few days. He is the only professional I know who was willing to come in on the weekend because he was determined to make me feel better! His skills, knowledge and care for his patients is admirable and comforting. Dr. Beeson explains his step-by-step treatments in detail. I trust him completely and am very grateful by his expertise and capable, caring staff. He is a gentle “giant” and you would be in great “hands!” I highly recommend Dr. Beeson.
Mary Ann B.
Submitted 11/21/19
Dr. Beeson is
Tamara C.
Submitted 08/28/19
My first visit to Dr. Beeson was yesterday. My major complaint was plantar fascitis and shoulder pain. He checked my feet and adjusted both of them. The next day we went to the state fair and walked everywhere............I could hardly walk before as the pain was so bad. He checked my shoulder and adjusted that area............it is also getting much better. I am excited to go back as I am amazed at how much he helped me.
Jane P.
Submitted 08/16/19
When I first arrived I told Dr. Beeson I felt like a loser. I had been suffering with painful and bursitis hips, IT Band pain, shin splints and more for over 3 years. My very first appointment Dr. Beeson he identified my problems and provided me with a personal plan. After my very first adjustment I felt relief. Each visit has provided me with more relief. In fact I am now able walk 50 minutes before work and weekends most days. I look forward to continuing my care at Beeson Regenerative Health.
Thomas B.
Submitted 08/15/19
His knowledge was impressive. His diagnosis was spot on. I felt substantially better better after my first visit.
Lou D.
Submitted 08/14/19
Dr. Beeson has treated my back and neck on different occasions. When I go to him, I know I will feel better. His treatments are always effective, and as I age, I know I will and can rely on him. If you want a great chiropractor, Dr. Beeson is your man.
Leila P.
Submitted 08/14/19
Dr. B. Has been my chiropractor for over ten years. He is the BEST chiropractor around for three reasons: knowledgeable, caring and professional, and skilled! His knowledge is beyond measure. He can identify problems with muscles, joints, and the skeletal system immediately. He follows through with treatments and explains what I should or shouldn't do to help it heal. I find him more dependable and trustworthy than any doctor. His skills in treating a problem are extraordinary. His ability to adjust my neck, back, hips, knees, etc. never fail to achieve results. I use to be nervous having my neck adjusted, but with his skills, I trust him always! He is professional and caring, always seeking results. He is the only medical professional I know that will get me in the same day I call. He has even come in on a Saturday to adjust me. He puts patients first!! I can highly recommend Dr. B. if you want a caring, professional, skilled chiropractor to make you feel better!!!
Rosemarie H.
Submitted 08/14/19
I was in constant pain and went to Dr. Beeson's Clinic. I had pain for 50 years and decided to go for Stem Cell Treatment. I had it done with Dr. Soska and Dr. Beeson. Two months later, my hands and shoulder feel so much better. I am 83 years old and recommend it highly.
Tyler F.
Submitted 08/09/19
Dr Beeson saved my career! I tried everything imaginable for bilateral hand pain and he sourced the issue to my back and fixed it quickly!
Sanda W.
Submitted 08/01/19
A good integrative medicine doctor. Good insights for diagnostic after years of tests and checks.