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The Many Benefits of Physical Rehabilitation

Injuries happen, and when they do, they can come between you and your daily routine. To get back into tip-top shape, you’ll want to see a rehabilitation specialist. Physical rehabilitation, or physical therapy, is designed to promote healing and restore your body’s strength. Beeson Regenerative Health relies on a team of expert physicians who are with you every step of the way until you’re fully recovered. There are countless benefits when you seek rehabilitation treatments; we’ve done our best to name just a few. 

Understanding the role of rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation refers to the practice of strengthening muscles and connective tissue to promote healing, relieve pain, and restore full range of motion. Rehabilitation treatments can also serve to promote circulation, stimulate tissue regrowth, and relax muscles. They can be standalone treatments or a way to support the work of other treatments. 

Examples of rehabilitation treatments

Physical rehabilitation treatments vary depending on the kind of injury you experience. Here are some of the treatments offered at Beeson Regenerative Health:



For best results, we recommend you receive physical rehabilitation two to three times a week. 

The Benefits

Seeking rehabilitation after an injury or surgery can be crucial to a successful recovery. There are certain key ways physical rehabilitation helps patients like you. 

Easing pain

Physical rehabilitation is proven to successfully alleviate most forms of musculoskeletal pain. Following regular physical exercises and therapies can eliminate chronic pain and restore joint function. Continuing to follow the physical exercises can even prevent pain from returning. 

Avoid the need for surgery

Physical therapy in certain cases can be as effective as surgery to treat pain. This is especially true for lower back pain, which tends to respond favorably to noninvasive approaches. Physical therapy is safer and more conservative than surgery and is usually the preferred method. 

Recover from surgery

Sometimes surgery is required to address your condition. Rehabilitation is still necessary to promote healing following your surgery. A carefully planned regimen of physical exercises can speed up your recovery time. You may also receive pre-surgery physical therapy that ensures your muscles experience a quick recovery. 

Improve mobility

Mobility becomes an issue for many. This may be because of a minor accident, aging, sports injuries, or living a sedentary lifestyle with limited daily physical activity. Rehabilitation can help restore a bounce in your step by allowing your body to be active and healthy, even in cases of advanced or chronic pain. Stretching and strengthening exercises can restore movement to your body and improve your quality of life. 

Rehabilitation for children

Physical therapy is not just for adults. Rehabilitation can significantly help children who experience motor skill issues. Neurological causes lead to motor skill issues, but physical therapy can be useful in repairing motor skill function and enable the cognitive development of children. 

Experiencing chronic pain following an injury or surgery can put a wrench in your daily life. Seek rehabilitation therapy to get you back in the swing of things. Call the office at Beeson Regenerative Health to schedule a consultation.

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